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Eck Agency, Inc. is a Wichita, Kansas-based Insurance Company since 1971 and leading provider of personalized insurance service to the greater Wichita Metro area and the entire state of Kansas. Experienced, Knowledgable, Competent & Competitive – we're a local and family-owned, full-service insurance agency and we provide a personally tailored policy for you.

Protect the things that matter the most with the right coverage - for your family, your business and for you retirement.

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Protect Your Assets w/ The Right Coverage

Provide your family and your business with the protection and insurance coverage they deserve from Eck Agency Insurance. Since 1971 we have be Wichita's proud supplier of the very best insurance plans available. No matter what kind of coverage you need, we will build the perfect plan for you. We also offer Senior Solutions such as Medi-gap, Annuities and Long Term Care.

Inquire about our Annuities-Tax deferred savings with great rates. Call our insurance agency in Wichita, Kansas, at (316) 303-1905 for highly affordable home, commercial, auto and truck insurance coverage.

Wisdom For Choosing A Trusted Advisor

When planning your financial future and retirement, you'll need a trusted advisor. What makes a trusted advisor?

1. First and foremost, pick someone to whom you are important. If you are not important to your advisor - then your needs and the safety of your financial investments are also not important to that advisor.

2. Choose a local professional. You'll want to be able to sit down face-to-face with your advisor. There is no substitute for looking your advisor in the eye. As well, you'll want an advisor that will spend time building the relationship and performing annual reviews of your investment strategies.

3. Experience is key. You don't want someone new to the industry learning their craft with YOUR assets at risk. Choose an advisor who has a proven track record of success and ask for references.

4. Choose a knowledgeable advisor that has access to a variety of products. If your advisor is only able to present a small amount of annuities products and options - then you are limiting your options. Go with someone that can provide a full palette of investment products to successfully craft your retirement masterpiece.

The client comes first at Eck Agency. Our agents and representatives work to get to know you on a personal level and a first-name basis. By scheduling an annual review for updates to your policy, we are able to continually grow our client/agent relationship and further provide the best possible coverage by ensuring your current plan is right for you.

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We service the greater Wichita area and Kansas with three office branches:

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Serving Wichita and Kansas since 1971!
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Eck Insurance Agency in Wichita, KS (serving all areas of Kansas). John Eck: providing clients with insurance solutions since 1971. workers comp near Wichita, KS

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