Revised: November 21, 2017

Life Insurance
Term Life
350 Non-Med Term Product Guide
350 Non-Med Term Rates 350 Non-Med Term Rider Rates
350 Plus Product Guide
350 Plus Rates
Term Life Financial Underwriting Guide Life Impairment Guide
Kansas Term Life Application (e-app available on Assurity's web site)
Participating Whole Life
Whole Life Product Guide Whole Life per Thousand rates
Underwriting Guide Kansas Whole Life Application
Acci-Flex--Accidental Death Insurance
Acci-Flex Consumer Brochure
Acci-Flex Product Guide (includes Rates)
Agent Specification Sheet Underwriting Guide
KS Acci-Flex Application

Critical Illness Insurance


Direct Sale

Critical Illness Consumer Brochure
Full CI Specification Sheet  $50,000 and up Simplified CI Specification Sheet  Under $50000
Full CI Product Guide  $50,000 and up Simplified CI Product Guide    Under $50,000
Rates for Full CI   $50,000 and up Simplified CI Rates and Underwriting
Full CI Application Simplified CI Application
Disability income
Century Plus (Fully Underwritten)
Century DI Consumer Flyer Century DI Critical Illness Rider
Century DI Product Guide Century DI Rider Descriptions
DI Occupation Guide Steps to DI Sale
DI Impairment Guide Kansas DI Application
Graded Benefit DI
Graded DI Product Guide Graded DI Underwriting Guide
Ks Graded DI Application
Simplified DI
Simplified DI Product Guide Simplified DI Underwriting Guide
Simplified DI Base Rates Simplified DI Rider Rates
KS Application-Simplified DI
Business Overhead Expense (BOE) DI
BOE Product Guide BOE Underwriting Guide